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Hopefully you’ve noticed that Pugnacious Gifts has been working like elves to get the shop loaded up with lots of new items. I started working with a new production partner that offers a lot of great products I can put my artwork on at reasonable prices. One of those items is dog shirts. Finding a quality dog shirt that fit pugs was always one of the hardest things to find. What is even more amazing was that these are all over print shirts, so it wasn’t just a small area that the design was in. Now the world was open to me to put not only fun designs on colorful backgrounds, but to put patterns that really filled up the shirt!

personalized dog tanks

Since I knew fitting pugs was difficult, I wanted to try one out on my pug Pixel before I started selling them. Even though she is slim (161bs), she’s still a pug! I also tried the shirt on her friend Bentley, who is built more like a typical pug (24lbs). This one isn’t personalized, but I wanted to show you it on. She is in a 2XL, and has plenty of room all around. It’s a little bit long on her back, so I think we would have been fine with an XL.

pixel in unicorn shirt

I’ve always offered black pug options, after all, my boss wants to be represented! So to start this off, we are doing black and fawn pugs in our pug unicorn design and our spring flowers design. More will definitely be added if these do well. If there is something you want to see, just use our contact form and let us know!

For now, I am starting to offer these in 4 colors options and 4 font options.

color choicesfont choices

You can check out the dog shirts we have available in the Pet section.

I’m really excited about this new partner, and I am going to keep posting about all the fun things already added and to be added to Pugnacious Gifts. Please note, it can take up to 4 weeks to get your order!

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